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Favorite Book

Everyone has their favorite book of the trilogy. What's yours? Mines Divergent.
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Hi, nice to meet you
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The better book?

  • Divergent (mine)
  • Insurgent
  • Allegiant
  • Four
  • We Can Be Mended :/
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Do you think that if Tris never died, Tobias and her would still be together? Or do you think he would realize he likes Christina like what happened in We Can Be Mended?
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Any word on a fourth movie and title ?

Any title on a fourth movie and title to the Divergent Series and Shailene Woodley reprising her Tris role ?
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Common Crisis

I need someone to have a loooong discussion about this amazing fandom!! I keep on making involuntary divergent references everytime and my family & friends look at me like I'm speaking alien! I CAN'T HELP IT!
Anyone with the same crisis??

Let's start the discussion! Open to whoever's interested...
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Tobias and Christina

So I’ve been hearing that Tobias and Christina kissed and I’m very confused and angry. Can someone please tell me when this happened (which book) and why. I’ve read the Divergent Series and I’m wondering how I missed that part.
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Look what I found again!

I found a link to the damage of Divergent series and guess what!? It's AWESOME!!!

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This hit me right in the heart.

Tobias thinking about his future with Tris in Allegiant
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Realized something important

You know, I just realized.... We're not sad bcoz Tris died. We sad bcoz of Tobias' reaction to that.

Also (according to 'We Can Be Mended'), we are sad because this book states that Tobias moves on Christina which isn't what anyone wanted. We fear that Tobias would forget about Tris and start loving Christina, that his memories with Tris start dimming. We mostly fear that our ship- Fourtris- will sink....

We all thought that Fourtris deserved a happy ending but life is cruel...
Correction: Veronica is cruel (but we still love her)

Anyone has anything to add??
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Le premier saut de Tris

Le premier saut de Tris
Le premier saut de Tris YouTube
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Who's your fav character?

We all know the book is better, but who is your favourite character in the movie and the book?
Four/Tobias (book)
Will (book
Peter oddly (movie)
Caleb (movie)
Tris (both)
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I know Tris dies in like 50 pages, and I'm scared to keep reading because my heart is going to stop
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