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Abnegation 2
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The Abnegation Faction Genocide took place in the Abnegation sector of the city of Chicago. In this genocide, Dauntless soldiers, whose minds had been enslaved through use of a special serum, ruthlessly attacked the Abnegation sector, killing over 90% of the faction. This was part of Jeanine Matthews' plot to seize control of the city. Afterwards, there were only four factions left, and the First Battle of Dauntless Headquarters was the next conflict that was part of the Chicago Factions War.

Background and Prelude[]

Erudite and Abnegation had been rivals for years. Jeanine Matthews tries to stop Andrew PriorMarcus Eaton, and the other Abnegation leaders to reveal important information to the citizens of Chicago and also wanted control of the city for herself. Therefore, Jeanine and the Erudite/Dauntless leaders Eric and Max injected all of the Dauntless with a serum to control their minds. This serum, however, did not work on Divergents such as Tobias Eaton and Tris Prior.


The Dauntless mind-controlled soldiers attacked the Abnegation sector, ruthlessly killing most of the Abnegation except for Andrew Prior, Marcus Eaton, Natalie Prior and a few other members. Later, Natalie was killed, but only after she helped Tris to escape certain death after Tris had been captured by Jeanine Matthews. Tobias was injected with a serum that even he was not resistant to. He then was given the job of manning the control room computers at Dauntless headquarters.


Afterwards, Tris, Caleb, and Andrew Prior, as well as Marcus Eaton, Four and Peter Hayes, travel to the headquarters in order to shut down the simulation that caused the genocide. This takes place in the First Battle of Dauntless Headquarters. 


  • The First Battle of Dauntless Headquarters started the Chicago Factions War.