This is a page set for the group of Allegiant in the third book of the Divergent Series that, written by Veronica Roth.

The Allegiant was a group of loyal faction members trying to reestablish the Factions in Chicago after the Factionless, led by Evelyn Johnson-Eaton took over.



The Allegiant was founded and led by Johanna Reyes and other members of various Factions to reestablish order in the factions, after Evelyn Johnson-Eaton and the Factionless took over Chicago.

Evelyn Johnson-Eaton, Leader of the Factionless, eradicated the factions, put to trial many of the traitor Dauntless and Erudite members, and closed the fence so no one could escape.


1. Loyal; Faithful

2. A faithful follower; adherent





  • Rose and Stephanie




The Allegiant had two missions: to send a small group outside the fence to meet the Bureau of Genetic Warfare, which was completed, and to storm factionless storehouses in hopes of getting enough weapons to attack the Factionless Stronghold, which was formally the Erudite Headquarters.


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