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WARNING: This page contains spoilers from both the Divergent Novels and the Films.

This page is for the differences between Allegiant and both films The Divergent Series: Allegiant and The Divergent Series: Ascendant. Ascendant has not been released yet, so no information is available yet.

Movie One
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Movie Two
The Divergent Series Ascendant (MTV logo)
The book Allegiant swaps perspectives between Tris and Tobias in chapters. The Allegiant movie has both of their perspectives shown, but also shows scenes through other characters perspectives.
Max dies in the Insurgent book when Lynn shoots him. Max was convicted and executed in the Allegiant movie.
Tris and Tobias are invited to a secret council meeting called by the Allegiant (group). This is where the group to go beyond the wall is formed. Tris, Four, Christina, Tori, and Peter decide on their own to go beyond the wall. Four takes Caleb from his cell and takes him beyond the wall.
The escape from Chicago happens in the night. The escape from Chicago happens during the day.
Uriah and Cara join Tris, Four, Christina, Peter, Caleb and Tori in the escape. Uriah joins the Allegiant (group), and Cara is not shown at all.
Tris and the gang ride the train to get to Amity, and then use their trucks to go beyond the wall. In the movie, Tris and the gang use graphling hooks to climb the wall.
There is a council at the Bureau of Genetic Welfare that Tris becomes a member of. There is a council named Providence that is separate from the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, and is in charge of the experiments.
David pitches the idea to use the Memory Serum on Chicago to the council at the Bureau. David tricks Peter into going into Chicago to trick Evelyn into releasing the Memory Serum.
The vault where the Memory Serum is at the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. The vault where the Memory Serum is in Chicago at Erudite Headquarters.
Tris reverses the Memory Serum before it is released and turns it on the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. Tris dies when David catches her and shoots her. Tris shuts down the Memory Serum, but does not reverse it. David is watching what is happening at the Bureau of Genetic Welfare and giving an assistant of his commands to try and stop Tris, so he does not shoot and kill her, since he is not there in person. Tris could potentially reverse the Memory Serum in The Divergent Series: Ascendant.
Nita organizes a rebellion against the Bureau of Genetic Welfare and lures Tobias into participating. This does not happen, but Nita lends Christina and Tris weapons before they fly to Erudite Headquarters. The rebellion could potentially happen in Ascendant.
Tris dies shutting down the memory serum being released upon the city after getting multiple bullet wounds from David. Tris does not die when she shuts down the releasing memory serum and David is at the Bureau while Tris is in the city. With confirmation that the fate of Tris is likely to remain the same, it is to be inferred Tris would likely die for a different reason than in the book.
When going beyond the wall, Zoe is one of the first people they run into. Zoe is not in the movie.
Tobias's old Initiation instructor, Amar was supposedly dead, but when going beyond the wall, they find him alive with Zoe. George Wu was later found at the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. Tobias and Tris tell him that his sister, Tori, was killed on the way to the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. George and Amar, like Zoe are not in the movie.
Peter gets to join the others and go beyond the wall because the Allegiant (group) calls him to. Peter catches Tris, Tobias, and Caleb driving through the gate to get to the wall, and threatens to tell on them if they don't let him join.
In the book, Caleb has his trial and is sentenced to execution but is rescued by Four. In the movie, Four rescues Caleb before his trial.
Tris does not go back to Chicago. Tris goes back to Chicago.
In the Allegiant book, Tris and the gang ride on an airplane. In the Allegiant movie, Tris rides on an aircraft with David.
In the book, airplanes were going to fly over Chicago and release the Memory Serum. Since the ventilation system with the Memory Serum was in Chicago, that was where it was to be released.
In the book, airplanes are the only air travel vehicles used. In the movie, there are vehicles called Bullfrogs and Bulldogs. David has a special vehicle called a Bubbleship.
In the book, there is no plane crash, and Tobias is not secretly ordered to be executed. In the movie, David secretly orders Four be killed. He gets in a Bullfrog thinking he's going back to Chicago. On the way there, Matthew whispers the secret to Four, leading to a battle, ending with the Bullfrog crashing.
In the book, there are no plasma globes that wrap around people. In the movie, there are plasma globes.
Edward reappears and ends up dying. Edgar reappears and is Evelyn's right-hand man.
The Fringe is not said to be toxic. When first arriving at the Bureau, Tris and the others are decontaminated due to the "toxicity" of The Fringe.
In the book, Tris goes to The Fringe with Amar and George, and the kids there do not like them. In the movie, Tris does not go to The Fringe, but Tobias and Christina go thinking they are on a mission to take the children to take them to the Bureau to give them a better life, but then find out that's not the case when their memories are erased.
David gives Tris a tablet that had Natalie's journal on it. David gives Tris Natalie's "memory tabs" to experience her mother's memories.
From Natalie's journal, Tris learns that her mother was raised in Milwaukee and escaped to The Fringe after her mother murdered her father. Later, at The Fringe, she sees someone beating up a little kid. Trying to get him off, she accidentally kills him. She was then rescued and taken to the Bureau. David tells Tris only that her mother was born in The Fringe and rescued by the Bureau.
In the book, there is a control room at the Bureau where there are monitors for everyone to watch what's happening in Chicago. In the movie, Caleb and Peter are assigned surveillance of the city. They go to rooms called "pods" where there is live 3-D visuals of the city and you can visually transport yourself into the city.
At the beginning of the Allegiant book, Tris, Christina, and Cara have been arrested. At the beginning of the movie, Tris climbs a building with Four, and then meets up with Christina later. Cara is not in the movie.
In the book Marcus is never given the memory serum. In the movie, Evelyn tests the memory serum on Marcus for abusing Four as a child.