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Amy C. Newbold plays Molly Atwood in Divergent.

Amy Newbold was born on September 5, 1986 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Her best movie is Divergent. Amy Newbold's height is 6′ 0″. She is most recognized for her role as Molly Atwood in the Divergent trilogy, in which she co-starred with Shailene Woodley. She is of strong Christian faith. She became engaged to her boyfriend in August 2015. She worked for a casting agency in Chicago for four years after graduating from college. She has worked on Fox's Empire, Starz's Boss, and the 2013 superhero film Man of Steel as a casting director.


  • For a short while, she quit her casting job because she thought she wanted to be a nurse. While at nursing school, her casting boss called and said she had a script that called for someone with her look, exactly. And that's how she returned to the world of casting and became Molly Atwood in Divergent.
  • The author of the Divergent series, Veronica Roth, met her and immediately wanted her to play Molly Atwood, no matter what.