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The Aptitude Test serum was developed by Jeanine Matthews to be used in the Aptitude Test. The test causes a simulation to determine the sixteen-year-olds aptitude for the different factions.

Use in the Aptitude Test[]

It works similarly to the serum used in Fear Simulations in the Dauntless faction. The serum causes a simulation, where the ordinary person won't know it isn't real.

The Simulation[]

For the non-Divergent it will be almost like a dream, where they act on impulse rather than rationality. It determines the child's most predominant characteristics: bravery, selflessness, peacefulness, honesty or intelligence. For those with Divergence, they will be in a conscious-like state. The Simulation will appear more like lucid dreaming, where they are in control and can think things through. The Genetically Pure will more likely than not have more than one result from the test and does not fit into just one category. It also means that they are able to withstand some of the other serums.

The initiates are expected to choose according to their test results, but are allowed to make their own choice at the Choosing Ceremony.

Aptitude Test Serum

Tris drinks the serum for her Aptitude test


For the serum to work, it needs to be consumed. For the Aptitude Test the serum is taken orally instead of injected. The one taking the test is connected to the Administrator from a different Faction by electrodes to both their foreheads. The Administrator can change the scenarios the other is experiencing. In Tris Prior's case, Tori changed the Simulation to be on the bus, so she could eliminate Candor. [


In theory, there are five different results from the test:

However, it is also possible to qualify equally for more than one(usually two). This is called 'Divergent'. Tris is the only know case of qualifying equally for three factions, who showed an aptitude for Abnegation, Dauntless and Erudite.