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EmmyAnimal EmmyAnimal 11 August 2021

Manifestos- comments

Factions' manifestos are one of the most intriguing parts of Divergent to me, I was always eager to discuss them, but due to their length it was hard at any relevent online place. So I eventually thought of Blogs, even if not many people would see it- I may direct them to do so in the future, but it'll also feel satisfying to write it out for myself already.

I'll address parts rather than full texts as they're fairly lengthy, it'll be easier to focus on what matters. The manifesto words will be written regularly, and my comments in italic for easier understanding.

  • 1 Amity
  • 2 Candor
  • 3 Abnegation
  • 4 Erudite
  • 5 Dauntless
  • 6 What I absolutely agree with

-Why did you fight with your friend?

-Because he demanded something of me, and I would not give it to him. (..…

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Gummybearrsss Gummybearrsss 11 March 2021

Ok So

Ok Guys I just joined here but like who still ships Trial even though al is dead??

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ThatJoop ThatJoop 10 November 2020

Im heading off to Denmark in 3 years!

Goodbye fellow Wiki users!''''

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BTSFangirl14 BTSFangirl14 5 August 2020

Divergent Roleplay

The roleplays plot is divergent ofc. Ill be Will. Tell me which character you want and if you have any idea for the plot

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CherryRipplepuffs CherryRipplepuffs 30 December 2019


This is allowed right? Please tell me if it isn't.

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Young dystopian fiction lover Young dystopian fiction lover 26 December 2019

I can't remember my password

I got a crome book for christmas and, I can't remember my password to my acount @I am 8 the dystopian fiction lover   so I'm @I am 8 the dystopian fiction lover

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Ya Dauntless Girl Alia Ya Dauntless Girl Alia 24 December 2019

Merry Christmas! Happy Haunickah! and a Happy New Year!!!

Merry Christmas,happy hanukkah, and a happy new year!!! 

my friend is a candor and her definition of Dauntless is "they do stupid shit for stupid reasons" hmmm that reminds me of my favorite quote from the book: "hmmm what do the dauntless teach? they say do whatever you want, but use protection. that is what they teach." so yeah I guess they do I mean myra let Uriah (R.I.P to both of them) shoot a muffin off her head to see if he had a good shot! any ways happy holidays! and happy choosing

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FloofyCorgiFox FloofyCorgiFox 15 November 2019


Hello who else here is the amazing amity?!  I think the books were absolutely amazing.  

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Abalwoodlikesanimals Abalwoodlikesanimals 19 September 2019

Fan Girl XD

Hey guys this is my first blog post. Comment if you love hunger games, divergent and gone!! XD

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GladerGal GladerGal 16 September 2019

Abnegation Initiative and more


"I will be my undoing If I become my obsession.

I will forget the ones I love If I do not serve them.

I will war with others If I refuse to see them.

Therefore I choose to turn away from my reflection,

To rely not on myself

But on my brothers and sisters,

To project always outward

Until I disappear.

Here at abegnation we reject vanity and believe in selfless acts. We put others needs before our own. 

My name is Theresa Gray but I am most commonly known as Tessa. I am the representative for abnegation along with a few others. They are Marcus Eaton *smiles* and Andrew and Natalie Prior *waves and smiles*. We will be your instructs over the next few weeks.

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EmmyAnimal EmmyAnimal 5 September 2019

Amity Faction

Hello and welcome to the Amity faction! :)As our chat continues, feel free to go on from where we left off.To sum up, we've agreed on a very limited use of Peace Serum and ceasing to support white lies, and settled on using terms 'representative', 'mouthpiece', 'voice' etc. rather than 'leader', as in canon.We've also reached alliance with Candor and Dauntless.

We're looking forward to initiates. We haven't determined the full initiation process yet, I'll let you know when there's new information.You're welcome to suggest faction-related decisions, ask questions and start topics you'd like.

Also, for all of you from other factions, feel free to visit ours at any time!Thank you and go with happiness!

Emily, Amity Faction Representative

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Aelin Shadowhunter Aelin Shadowhunter 5 September 2019

Erudite Faction

Hi! Welcome to the Erudite Faction! 

I already explained the new initiation process on the old chat, but I'll put it here as well.

Initiation process: Initiates have to create a project (song, report, article, paper, poem, artwork etc.) on any topic that interests them. Be as creative as you want! All the projects have to be submitted below, and this will determine whether you belong with the Erudite or not. The duration for this will be two weeks.

Have fun!

Please ask if you have any questions.

Other faction members, please come and visit any time, we would love to show you the new and much improved ideals of Erudite!

~ Aelin, Erudite Faction Leader

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Flinty Flakes Flinty Flakes 30 July 2019

Did anyone else not care for the romances?

(Note that this is a bit of a rant)

I don't like the romance in the plot. 

I think it's boring. Many of the romance scenes don't have anyting else going on in them. They do little to advance the plot in any area beyond romance, and the scenes themselves aren't that interesting. The Divergent world is interesting, and I love hearing about how the factions work, what people's various plans are, conflicts, etc. I feel like the romance distracts from the interesting stuff. 

There are other books I have read in which I like or don't mind romance, but I don't like it here.

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KHF2020 KHF2020 28 May 2019

Divergent Book Review


"Becoming fearless isn't the point. That's impossible. It's learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it, that's the point." (Roth 239) Divergent was written by Veronica Roth and published on April 26, 2011. The book is about a young adult named Beatrice Prior, that lives in futuristic world that is divided into five factions: Abnegation, Dauntless, Candor, Erudite, and Amity. As Beatrice comes of age, she must choose a faction to live in; her struggle is whether to choose to stay in abnegation or choose a new path for her life. After taking a test and receiving the dangerous result of divergence, Beatrice chooses Dauntless. She must find the balance between her faction and bloodline and use her strengths from all…

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Everythingniceee Everythingniceee 22 May 2019

Top 5 Characters!

I wanted to make a place for my top five characters, so I'll list them here. Please don't hate me for my opinions!!!!

  • 1 1) Tris
  • 2 2) Jeanine
  • 3 3) Uriah
  • 4 4) Tobias
  • 5 5) Will

Okay, Tris is always going to be the first. I don't prefer Tobias to Tris, because honestly, Tris is 10,000 times better! Not that I hate Tobias or anything, just that Tris is better. Tris is awesome, and at the end of Allegiant, I cried!! Tris is a fighter, and she's smart. That's what I love the most!

WHAAAAAATTTT?!?! YOU LIKE JEANINE MORE THAN TOBIAS?!?! Yes, well before you start hating, let me explain. I think Jeanine had a lot of character. Even though she was out to kill Divergents, I still think she was really well developed. When I told my friends this, they got really ma…

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EmmyAnimal EmmyAnimal 25 March 2019

I was bored enough for this

So I was idle enough to create these. Here is a link since I haven't figured out if I can post them directly here;  I made them as slides in PowerPoint, and I should have been wise enough to understand I would've been able to do that if I had made them as pictures. Anyways I had fun and thought I'd upload it somewhere.

This is for fun only and is no hate.

Pictures don't belong to me.

The  slides are supposed to represent Amity, Candor, Abnegation, Erudite and Dauntless respectively, but you'd probably figure that out by colors yourselves^^

EDIT: Apparently you need to send me a request to see this, I didn't know that as I'd never used Google Slides before. But, feel free to send it-just click on the link, and I'll approve of it as soon as I s…

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Divergent Cat Divergent Cat 23 February 2019


So the books in the Divergent series by Veronica Roth were awesome, but people disagree over whether or not the movie was good as well.. What differences bothered you the most? The cast, the omission of certain scenes, the acting itself, or something else? ,'-',

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Miacat71 Miacat71 17 December 2018

Divergent And The Fault In Our Stars

Mind Blown. At the same time that Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort were filming the fault in our stars as starstruck lovers, they were also filming allegiant as brother and sister.

How weird would it be if you were playing characters in love than the next day your fighting in a war

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FourTrisIs100PercentReal FourTrisIs100PercentReal 16 November 2017

Everything wrong with eric

They nailed the look ( If thats how he looked in the book )

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Temizic Temizic 18 August 2017

new divergent t-shirt

Check out divergent T-shirt - i want to be brave..! Available for the next 11 days via teespring

 [get it here]

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Maatykki Maatykki 28 June 2017

theo james

theo james on hyvää 

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Big Brother 99 Big Brother 99 28 May 2017

My Come back

Sorry Community i have been inactive, I have been really busy and i needed to let go of some of my internet commitments. Now i am back and realy to get back into awesomeness. 

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CrystalGems123 CrystalGems123 22 February 2017

Do you agree with Liongate?

It was confirmed that the last part of the Divergent series, Ascendant, will be a TV Movie or/and a TV spinoff. Do you agree with Lionsgate's decision to scale down the movie?

Personally, I don't because, if it releases a tv movie or spin-off in a channel that is not available to some countries, the other fans might not see the final installment. I think that the series should be finished in theaters and not in TV.

What do you think?

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Thereselovesyou Thereselovesyou 13 January 2017

Who is the Greatest Couple in Divergent?

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Thereselovesyou Thereselovesyou 28 November 2016

Vote for your Shero

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Big Brother 99 Big Brother 99 6 November 2016

Internet Issues

Sorry i haven't been on for the past months, i have been having internet issues and i have them fixed.

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Emmzyy Emmzyy 30 August 2016

Blog post number 2

Although I said that I was only going to be doing one "blog"a post and the first one that I have written was actually written on the exact day but I do have a little bit more to say and a little bit off explaining to do so here I go...

I didn't really express myself enough in my last one and I would like to say why...

I didn't go into much detail about things like the name of my school and where abouts in America I am from. And although I did say the name of my friends and my boyfriend I didn't say the names of my family members...

Although it is highly unlikely that you do care about that stuff I just want to say that I didn't talk about it because I thought all off that would have been too personal, and I did use a fake last name too but my…

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Emmzyy Emmzyy 30 August 2016

My first EVER blog post

Hello everyone this is my FIRST and ONLY blog post... I know that probably nobody will ever read this but... I don't really care! 😂 I don't really have anything interest to say, so I'll just make this post about me (even though I'm not interesting either)

All about me...

My name is Emma Bethany Foster, I was born in America and I still live there, My favourite colours are black and white, At school my favourite subjects are Engilish, my current grade in that topic is an A- My boyfriends name is Ethan, And my best friends are called Angelina, April and Addison, I have one brother and a twin sister (inidentical), My idol is Shailine Woodley, My favourite place I have been so far is either Spain or Italy, When I am older I would like to become…

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Big Brother 99 Big Brother 99 22 July 2016

Final Divergent Movie May Ditch Theaters for TV Movie and New Series

Well this is new!

The final film in the Divergent series may not be coming to theaters after all, and will instead be heading to TV.

According to Variety, Ascendant may actually be turned into a TV movie, which will then be followed by a standalone TV series set in the same world as the movies.

The film, which would star Shailene Woodley, Theo James, and Ansel Elgort, was originally going to start shooting this summer and was slated to premiere in June 2017, but sources told Variety that Lionsgate is reconsidering after the third movie, Allegiant, didn't perform as well at the box office as the first two films.

The series is based on the Divergent series of books, written by Veronica Roth, which tell the story of a post-apocalyptic society div…

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Big Brother 99 Big Brother 99 11 July 2016

Divergent Free Edit Giveaway!

I am doing a free edit give away to five lucky winners of the edit. Here is the form below to enter in it.


Have fun! Winners will be notified by email!

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Thereselovesyou Thereselovesyou 28 June 2016

Submit your nominee to Wikia's Battle of the Fantasy Foods

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Thereselovesyou Thereselovesyou 21 June 2016

Exclusive Clip from 'Allegiant'

It's here: The Divergent Series: Allegiant is now available on Digital HD. The 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack, Blu-ray™ Combo Pack & DVD arrives July 12.

The third installment of the blockbuster Divergent series franchise, Allegiant takes Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) into a new world, far more dangerous than ever before.

Watch this exclusive clip from Allegiant which showcases the stunts and choreography behind the Battle in the Bullfrog scene:

Other features include:


  • Audio Commentary with Producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher
  • Six Featurettes:
    • Allegiant: Book to Film
    • Battle in the Bullfrog: The Stunts and Choreography Behind This Thrilling Sequence
    • Finding the Future: Effects & Technology
    • Characters in Confl…

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Big Brother 99 Big Brother 99 3 June 2016

Theo James Confirmed As New James Bond: Actor To Star Next To Emilia Clarke

The search for the next James Bond is still on, as reports claim that top choices to replace Daniel Craig for the role include Theo James, Tom Hiddleston and Jamie Bell. As the “Divergent” actor is vying for a new role in the movie industry, will James star opposite “Game of Thrones” actress, Emilia Clarke?

Theo James has been reportedly confirmed as the new James Bond, replacing Daniel Craig from the highly coveted role, according to The Portly Gazelle. James reportedly held a press conference of Sunday to confirm rumors that he will be playing the role of Agent 007 for three installment of the popular franchise.

During the said press conference, the 31-year-old actor recounted how he landed the role of James Bond for the upcoming installme…

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Big Brother 99 Big Brother 99 14 May 2016

There is something comming for the Divergent Series

I have been told that something is happening on 12/07/2016 on that it might the release of the official notice of Four the Divergent Novella.

So, what do you think it is?

The pic above should confirm it a little.

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Witnessme Witnessme 10 May 2016

Allegiant on Digital HD and Blu-ray Combo Pack

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Big Brother 99 Big Brother 99 12 March 2016

Strategically Choosing Statistics

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Big Brother 99 Big Brother 99 3 March 2016

Miles Teller Allegiant Interview

We have got news for you fans of The Divergent Series, Miles Teller has done interview regarding The Divergent Series: Allegiant and it's connections to the cast of the series.

So enjoy!!!!

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Big Brother 99 Big Brother 99 2 March 2016

The Divergent Series Allegiant Generator clip


Here is another exclusive clip of The Divergent Series: Allegiant and it was released after the interviews held by the fans on facebook, twitter, tumblr and snapchat.

So enjoy!!!!!

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Big Brother 99 Big Brother 99 1 March 2016

Australian Live Chat With Stars!!!

Australian initiates! Celebrate ‪#‎PledgeAllegiant‬ Day TOMORROW with the cast of ‪#‎Allegiant‬! Submit your questions now with ‪#‎AskPledgeAllegiant‬.

Tune in for cast Q&As, behind-the-scenes photos, and an exclusive clip.


  • 2am AEDT
  • Behind-the-scenes look and exclusive cast photos

Shailene Woodley FACEBOOK Q&A

  • 3am AEDT
  • www.facebook.com/TheDivergentSeries

Ansel Elgort SNAPCHAT Q&A

  • 4am AEDT
  • @DivergentSeries

Jeff Daniels TWITTER Q&A

  • 4.30am AEDT
  • @Jeff_Daniels

Octavia Spencer TWITTER Q&A

  • 5am AEDT
  • @OctaviaSpencer

Naomi Watts TWITTER Q&A

  • 8am AEDT
  • @Divergent

Zoë Kravitz TWITTER Q&A

  • 9am AEDT
  • @Divergent

Veronica Roth TUMBLR Q&A

  • 10am AEDT
  • www.the-divergentseries.tumblr.com
  • fangirlishsite asked: What is on your playlist right now? And do you create soundtrac…

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Asnow89 Asnow89 24 February 2016

Tove Lo to be on Allegiant Soundtrack


While we countdown the days until the release of The Divergent Series: Allegiant - Part 1, start listening to the soundtrack. Singer Tove Lo just released a brand new single, Scars, from Island Records.

You can listen to it NOW! Check out the youtube video below... It's also available on Spotify and iTunes.

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Big Brother 99 Big Brother 99 21 February 2016

The Divergent Series Allegiant first TV Spot

We are just days away from the release of The Divergent Series: Allegiant and fans of The Divergent Series are wanting to see and here is the first ever TV spot for the film.

Looks like we will have to wait just a few days so that we can see Tris Prior, Tobias Eaton, Caleb Prior, Peter, Christina, Nita (for the first time), Matthew (for the first time), David (for the first time), Johanna, Uriah, Edgar, Evelyn Johnson and loads more.

But I am hearing that The Divergent Series: Ascendant has been moved to April if not later then that, date due to schedualling issies. All I can say the the director for the last film will not be directing it due to scheduling and time issues.

Tell us what are your thoughts about this film and tell us if you think …

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Big Brother 99 Big Brother 99 20 February 2016

Allegiant New Poster

So fans I have got news for you, here is the newest poster for The Divergent Series: Allegiant and it looks awesome.

Look who is featured on it, we have Tris Prior, Caleb Prior, four, Christina, Peter, Matthew and Nita.

Who is excited, for Allegiant and are you ready for The Divergent Series: Ascendant as it is the end of The Divergent Series. Will you be wanting more films? Please tell us in the comment section below.

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Big Brother 99 Big Brother 99 15 February 2016

Fun Question Time

I have a total of 62 books and the list of authors The I have are:

1. Stephenie Meyer

2. Jane Austen

3. Charlotte Bronte

4. Mark Twain

5. James Fenimore Cooper

6. Bram Stroker

7. Daniel Defoe

8. Mary Shelley

9. Oscar Wilde

10. Judy Christenberry

11. EL James

12. James Dashner

13. John Green

14. Veronica Roth

15. Julie Kagawa

16. The Australian Authors

17. Elaine Bergstom

18. Vampireology

19. JK Rowling

20. Suzzane Collins

21. Brain J Ross

22. Lois H Gresh

23. Kathy Reiches

24. Jen Alexander

25. GD Kilworth

26. Juan Gomez Jurado

27. John West

28. Titanic Historians

29. RL Stine

So Which one is your faves.

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Big Brother 99 Big Brother 99 10 February 2016

Robert Schwentke drops out as director of final Divergent film, Ascendant

Director Robert Schwentke has exited The Divergent Series: Ascendant, the fourth and final film in the post-apocalyptic franchise based on the YA books by Veronica Roth.

A source tells EW that Schwentke

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Hellopersona Hellopersona 5 February 2016

Insurgent (book) Summary

In insurgent, the second book in the Divergent series by Veronica Roth, the Erudite tried to force the Dauntless soldiers into overthrowing Abnegation by using a simulation serum. Though their attempt was mostly successful, not all the Abnegation were killed because of Four and Tris. The reason they were unaffected by the simulation serum was that they were Divergent. The remains of Dauntless and Abnegation fled to Candor, Amity, Erudite, and even the Factionless for shelter. The Dauntless who went to Erudite were called the Traitor Dauntless. The Dauntless who went to Candor were called the Loyal Dauntless. Tris and Four are considered criminals to both. To the Loyal Dauntless they are thought to have ran the simulation. They are viewed t…

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Asnow89 Asnow89 2 February 2016

Enter the 2016 Couples Bracket

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Big Brother 99 Big Brother 99 23 January 2016

The Divergent Series: Allegiant New Trailer

The last time we saw Tris Prior and her motley crew of faction truthers, they were faced with an earth-shattering revelation: Their whole lives were part of some elaborate experiment on humankind… and there’s a whole world outside of their dystopian city after all.

In the new trailer for “The Divergent Series: Allegiant,” the penultimate installment in the franchise, we finally get a look at the world beyond the wall. “When I first found out I was Divergent, I never thought it would come to this,” Tris (Shailene Woodley) says. “I could never imagine that I’d be standing here.”

Soundtracked by Sigur Ros’ Jonsi, the clip feels mellow but foreboding, as we see Four (Theo James) bare it all for Tris, before warning her that faction-less life ma…

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Asnow89 Asnow89 22 January 2016

New Allegiant Trailer


The official trailer for The Divergent Series: Allegiant - Part 1 was just released...and it definitely brings out the feels. Tris and Four are setting out to go BEYOND the wall to eventually tear it down.

We are also digging Shailene Woodley's outfits and new haircut for this upcoming movie. Share YOUR thoughts about the new trailer in the comments below!

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Big Brother 99 Big Brother 99 30 December 2015

My Faction Throught Out Series Thoughts

The following is what happens in the series and that there are spoilers. So be aware!

  • 1 Divergent
    • 1.1 What
    • 1.2 Thoughts
  • 2 References

  • They are still dauntless due to they were only doing what is right for stopping the simulation that killed loads of Abnegation which is so sad.
  • Spoiler

  • The faction system should have not been abolished due to the world would have been safer with them still intact if it weren't for Jeanine, Eric and Max.
  • I am also annoyed what had happened around the fringe, I am just stating you have to find out what happens.
  • This is a spoiler comment, but this wikia is filled with spoilers, but it all depends on weather you read them or not.

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