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The Control Room[]

This is the place where Tobias worked with computers when he wasn’t a Dauntless trainer. The Control Room is also where the Erudite tried to manipulate a simulation to kill all the Abnegation during the Abnegation Faction Genocide. This happens in the first book: Divergent.


When Erudite created a simulation serum given to all Dauntless soldiers, this was to force the Dauntless to fight for them to kill all the Abnegation. The Abnegation faction was thought to be believed that they stole all the food from the Factionless, which they actually gave the extra scraps to the factionless. In order to make this war against Erudite and Abnegation, the Erudite take control of the control room. Jeanine and Eric worked together to try to restore the Dauntless/Erudite to take over the Abnegation-ruling government.

You die, I die[]


Tris Prior doesn’t know how to get Tobias Eaton to know her. While he is in the simulation, he doesn’t see Tris as someone he knows and cares about. They start fighting each other, and Tris Prior even says that she can't fight Tobias Eaton, he is so strong and she loves him. She thinks that he is so much stronger than her that she can't fight him anymore. He sees her as an enemy that needs to be killed because of the simulation, it shows your love ones and friends as enemy's and your enemy's as friends. Tris is so confused and wants him to see her, but he starts to attack her. In the book, she mentions him as she’ll never defeat Tobias’ strength. They fight while Tris is trying to remind him of her and saying that she loves him. Tris puts a gun to her head and says, “You die, I die”. She wouldn’t imagine ever being without him. Finally, Tobias realizes that it’s Tris, and not an enemy and says sorry; they hug and kiss each other. Then, Tris reminds him to stop the simulation and he does. Then they go down together to fight Erudite and Dauntless leaders.