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Divergent: Original Motion Picture Score is the original score made especially for the film Divergent. It was composed by Junkie XL.

Track List[]

  1. Tris
  2. The Test
  3. Choosing Dauntless
  4. Capture The Flag
  5. This Isn't Real
  6. Ferris Wheel
  7. Erudite Plan
  8. Fear
  9. I Am Divergent
  10. A Friend
  11. Conspiracy
  12. Watertank
  13. Faction Before Blood
  14. Human Nature
  15. Final Test
  16. The March
  17. Dauntless Attack
  18. Sacrifice
  19. You're Not Gonna Like This
  20. Fight The Dauntless
  21. Everywhere And Nowhere


  • The operatic vocals that can be heard during Tris, Choosing Dauntless, Capture The Flag, and Sacrifice are those of Ellie Goulding.