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Drew, a transfer from Candor, was one of Peter Hayes friends and lackeys, also a transfer from Candor. He is an enemy of Tris Prior and her friends and mocks them along with Peter and Molly Atwood.


Drew's personality is similar to Peter's, as he is also very brutish and participates in the same activities as Peter. It is mentioned by Christina that he is not very intelligent on his own; most of the time, he is just following Peter's orders. He is also, very quiet and rarely states his own opinions.

Physical Appearance[]

Although he is short, he is built like a boulder, with orange-red hair the color of an old carrot. His shoulders are always hunched. When laughing, Drew is silent, and it almost looks like he's in pain.


Peter and Molly[]

Drew presumably had a good relationship with Peter or at least saw him as a decent leader to follow. The three were said to have been inseparable since birth, according to Christina who was also from Candor with them.



Throughout the book, Drew is almost always seen around Peter. In stage one he as ranked as number seven. He participated in the kidnapping of Tris, along with Peter and AlbertFour then beat him up so that he could barely walk. He also helped Peter stab Edward in the eye. At the end of the book, it is presumed that he is left factionless and wandering the streets of Chicago, expectedly with Molly, as they both failed initiation.


When Drew became factionless, it said that he attempted to join the same group as Edward. Edward beat him within an inch of his life.