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Edgar is a movies-only character who appeared in the second and the third film. He is played by Jonny Weston.

The Divergent Series[]


Tris, Four and Caleb meet Edgar, while they flee from the Amity Farmland, in a train with other factionless. After a violent fight against them, Four reveals his identity and Edgar takes them to the factionless' quarters. There, they meet Evelyn, Four's mother who leads this group.

Through this event it is discovered that there are Factionless living in community, even thriving whereas before it was thought that the Factionless were the worst way to live, struggling, and living without community but Tris learns that this isn't the case after meeting Edgar and Evelyn.

At the end of the film, Edgar is seen arresting and imprisoning Jeanine and her followers in the simulation room.


In the third film, he injects the truth serum into Matthews' accomplices and then executes them on Evelyn's orders. He later learns that Four runs away with Tris, Caleb, Peter, Christina and Tori and sets off in pursuit with Hollis. While stalking, he shoots Tori, killing her. With Hollis, Edgar finds the small group on the other side of the wall and Hollis is killed. Edgar continues to chase them but his vehicle is destroyed by the Bureau soldiers.

Edgar, however, survives and tells Evelyn that Tobias betrayed her. He has the latter returned to Chicago imprisoned while Peter tells Evelyn to gas the loyalists to save the city. Tobias frees himself and knocks Edgar, who is also probably gassed.


  • He is rumoured to replace those characters that are minor like Therese, Cara and anyone that has few lines in the book.
  • Edgar is a character that was never introduced or mentioned in the books, and created specifically for the film version of Insurgent.
  • On tour for Four: A Divergent Collection, Veronica Roth confirmed that Edgar is not a love interest of Tris Prior.
  • Since the actor of Edward wasn't able to return for Insurgent, many of Edward’s moments were given to Edgar, such as his son-like relationship with Evelyn and the one to bring Tobias back to the Factionless quarters.
  • Edgar has a tattoo on his hand of the Factionless symbol as first seen in Insurgent