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Elena Jane Goulding, known under Ellie Goulding, is an English actress, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She was born in Lyonshall, a village near Kington, Herefordshire.

Work on Divergent

"We started working on the film with songs from Ellie Goulding's album Halcyon and soon found that the texture of her music and the tone of her voice matched perfectly with our film. In many ways Ellie has become the inner voice of our heroine Tris."
Neil Burger about Goulding[1]

Goulding contributed three songs to the Divergent film soundtrackBeating Heart, Dead in the Water, and My Blood.

Other Franchises

  • She has done a song for the Fifty Shades of Grey film called Love Me Like You Do.
  • She has also done a song called Bittersweet for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part Two.
  • She did a song for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire called Mirror.





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