This is a war that took place in the Dauntless headquarters.


Tris invaded Dauntless headquarters with Caleb, Marcus, and Andrew Prior in order to destroy the simulation that was forcing Dauntless soldiers to slaughter innocent Abnegation citizens. Soon after arriving, Tris encountered Peter, a rival of hers during Dauntless initiation. She quickly disarmed him and shot him in his arm, forcing him to show her the path to the control room. Further in, Tris shot a small band of Dauntless guards, encountering another Divergent in the process. They all reached the elevator leading to the control room's floor. Tris decided to go on with her father, Andrew, while Caleb, Marcus, and Peter stayed behind. When Tris and her father reached the control room's floor, they were ambushed by a band of Dauntless guards. Andrew shot two and led the rest of them off, getting shot in his stomach in the process. Despite his injury, Andrew manages to slay the entire group, but dies seconds later. Tris heads to the control room and finds her boyfriend and instructor, Tobias Eaton, running the simulation. Tris attempts to reason with Tobias, but he orders her to drop her weapon at gunpoint. Tris drops her gun, only to surprise-attack Tobias. Tobias brutally assaults her, but she manages to get his gun and threaten him. However, Tris is unable to shoot her own boyfriend and hands the gun to Tobias. Tobias manages to power through the simulation manipulating him when she places her hand on his chest to feel his heartbeat. Tobias reconciles with Tris and rushes to stop the simulation, eventually succeeding in destroying it. This saves Tris's allies and the rest of the Abnegation citizens from being killed.

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