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George "Georgie" Wu was a Dauntless initiate transfer from Erudite who transferred with his sister, Tori. He was found to be Divergent after bragging about how easy the simulations were. He was found later in the bottom of the Chasm, supposedly having committed suicide. His sister refused to believe this as he was happy and dating another initiate, believing that his death was due to him being a Divergent. His Divergence was discovered when he soared to the top of the list during the second stage of Dauntless initiation, during the fear simulations.


Allegiant []

In Allegiant, George is shown to be alive, living inside the Bureau of Genetic Welfare while his sister was in the city, believing him to be dead. He never sees his sister again, as she dies just before the Allegiant group exit the city. He is almost killed by a boy in The Fringe but is saved by Tris Prior and Amar.


  • Tori's brother was originally named 'George' (and nicknamed Georgie) by Veronica Roth, as specified in Divergent. She later revealed that 'Jonathan' was an error she made in Insurgent which was corrected in later printings.
  • It is implied that George and Tori are of Asian descent based on their last name and Tori's physical traits. Tori is portrayed by Hawaiian/Vietnamese actress Maggie Q in the Divergent movie.
  • George is gay and, as revealed in Allegiant, is in a relationship with Amar.
  • Like Zoe and Amar, George was not in the Allegiant film.