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WARNING: This page contains spoilers from both the Divergent Novels and the Films.

The following are noted differences between the original Insurgent book and The Divergent Series: Insurgent. Please add any differences between the two that you noticed.


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In the book, Tris cuts her hair to chin length. In the Insurgent (film), Tris cuts her hair into a pixie cut, as Shailene Woodley was also filming The Fault in Our Stars at the time.
The peace serum was used in the novel when Tris attacked Peter for taking the hard drive for the simulations put on the Dauntless. The peace serum is not said to exist, but Tris does attack Peter, although it is because he makes a joke about Tris getting her parents killed.
Uriah, Zeke, Lynn and Marlene are all important supporting characters. Uriah, Lynn and Marlene only make brief appearances, while Zeke does not appear at all. Lynn is unnamed in the film.
Tris is able to lie under the effects of the truth serum, but she chose to tell everyone that she shot Will anyway. Tris is able to partially resist the serum, but is not shown to be able to lie.
Eric decides which Divergents to take to Erudite headquarters using factors like age and aptitude test results. He executes a young boy named Bobby. Eric has a device to measure others' divergence. He executes a man, and tries to execute a little girl, but Tris jumps him.
Tris is stated to have aptitude for three factions: Abnegation, Dauntless and Erudite. Tris is indirectly shown to have aptitude for all five factions, as seen when Max scans her and later when she solves the simulations from the box.
Max has a meeting with Jack Kang after the attack on Candor demanding him to turn over the Divergent. Lynn, Tris, Four, Zeke, Uriah, and Shauna spy on the them. Lynn shoots Max and kills him, and Shauna gets shot in retaliation. The meeting does not occur, Shauna is not in the movie, and Max gets shot at the end of the movie. He is then dragged away and executed at his trial in The Divergent Series: Allegiant.
Jeanine studies Tris' brain to figure out how to create a simulation that can fully control Divergents. Jeanine has Tris solve the box's simulations because she believes the box contains a way to eliminate Divergents.
Tris has a conversation with her mother about the Erudite in Jeanine's first simulation attempt. Tris rescues her mother and then talks to her about her Divergent status hurting other people in her life during the Dauntless and Candor simulations respectively.
Four rescuing Tris occurs during Jeanine's third simulation attempt. The rescue happens during the Erudite simulation.
Tris gets out of the simulation because the simulated Four doesn't realize where Tris' gunshot wound is. Tris solves the simulation because the simulated Four says a phrase Tris said about him that he never heard.
Peter switches the death serum with the paralytic serum before Tris' execution. After faking her death, Tris, Four and Peter escapes Erudite headquarters. Peter injects Tris with the paralytic serum before the Amity simulation. Tris appears to fail the first Amity simulation, resulting in her faked death. Afterwards, she decides to complete it to find out the contents of the box.
Tris' fight with a simulation of herself occurs when she tries to access Jeanine's laboratory. Tris wins the fight by figuring out that she is more desperate than her simulation self. The fight occurs during the second Amity simulation. Tris solves the simulation by forgiving herself for shooting Will.
The message from Edith Prior was on the computer but it had to be accessed by someone who know the computer systems. The message from Edith Prior was in The Box when Tris opened because of the simulations hidden in the box for it to be opened.
Tori Wu kills Jeanine Matthews by stabbing her in the stomach. Evelyn Johnson-Eaton kills Jeanine Matthews by shooting her in the head.
The book ends with everyone watching the movie and then freaking out. The movie ends with everyone watching the movie and running towards the walls, towards what they think is freedom.
In the book, the woman presenting the message states her new name, which is "Edith Prior". In the movie, Edith Prior doesn't state her name.
In the book, it's not mentioned that the faction system was an experiment, until Allegiant. In the movie, it is mentioned that the faction system was an experiment in the message.
Lynn is shot and killed at the end of the book. In the movie, Lynn appears to be alive at the end.
Caleb is revealed to be the one who suggested how best to force Tris to turn herself in for Erudite testing. Peter tells Jeanine how to coax Tris into coming.
Marcus, Cara and Fernando are important roles in the book. Cara and Fernando are never mentioned whilst Marcus makes a brief appearance.
In the book, when the Dauntless are being controlled by Jeanine, Tris catches Hector instead of Marlene and Christina catches a little girl. In the movie, Tris catches Christina who is being controlled and Tori catches Hector leaving Marlene to fall helplessly.
In the book, Marlene's death was at Dauntless Headquarters. In the movie, Marlene's death was at the Factionless warehouse.
The Dauntless storm out of Candor and go back to Dauntless Headquarters. The Dauntless leave Candor headquarters but go to Factionless. Dauntless Headquarters is not seen in the movie.
Edward is Factionless. Edward is absent and Edgar takes his place.
The hard drive is what holds the important information. In the movie, the hard drive is replaced by The Box.
In the book, Jeanine doesn't live to see the Edith Prior message. The message was already known to the faction leaders. In the movie, Jeanine is alive to see the video and to realize that she was wrong about divergents.
Marlene and Uriah are in a relationship. Marlene and Uriah don't appear to have the same relationship as they do in the book.
Tobias and Tris escape the Erudite compound with Peter. Instead, Tris, Tobias and Peter remain in the compound.
Tris and Christina team up with Marcus, drive to the Amity headquarters, team up with Cara and Fernando to invade the Erudite compound to get to the computer containing the important information to release the information. This doesn't happen as Tris never escaped the Erudite headquarters.
Tris has an injury in her shoulder because she was shot in the previous book. Tris appears unharmed.
Tris is unable to hold a gun or shot anyone due to the memory of how she killed Will. Tris is able to shoot with ease.
Tobias dislikes when Tris calls him 'Four' and tells her to say his actual name. Throughout the whole movie the name 'Tobias' is only mentioned once and Tris never says it.
Tris and Four don't have sex until Allegiant. Tris and Four have sex.
Once Tris and Tobias get to Candor headquarters, they find out that Zeke and Tori are traitors. Later, they show up at headquarters and are revealed not to be traitors but spies. Tori is wounded from getting shot while escaping. Zeke is not in the movie. Once Tris and Four arrive at Candor headquarters, Tori is already there and not wounded. She never gets shot.
Shortly after returning to the Dauntless compound, Marlene, Kee, and Hector fall under a simulation due to a single disarmed camera; the simulation prompting them to commit suicide unless a Divergent gives themselves up.

Also in the book, it is shown that Tobias and Tris have many arguments and barely get along. This is due to Tris not wanting to live fully anymore.

When Eric and the Dauntless infiltrate the Candor headquarters, they shoot everyone with a new form of the simulation serum, which appear as metal discs at the sides of people's necks. These trigger Marlene, Christina, and Hector to fall under the simulation while demanding Tris give herself up. Tori dissects one of them in an attempt to figure out how to disable them safely.

In the movie, Tris and Tobias seem to have no fights or conflicts. It shows barely, if any, of her depressed state of no zest for life.