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Juanita, also known as Nita, enters the series in Allegiant. She was a member of the Bureau of Genetic Welfare and a GD.


Nita came from the failed Indianapolis experiment. She was first seen in the novel when Tris Prior and Tobias Eaton had come to look at their genes on the request of Matthew. Nita asked the help of Tobias to help her overthrow the Bureau, whom she hated. Nita tells him not to let Tris know, but Tobias still told Tris as to not let any secrets stand between them.

When Tobias brought Tris to their next meeting, Nita lied to him about her plan for her uprising by saying she would steal the memory serum. Tris knew that she was lying and disagreed to help her, but Tobias believed Nita. Nita tried to retrieve death serum from the Weapons Lab, but failed because David wouldn't tell her the code to get into it. Tris shot Nita in the side at the uprising, which took away her ability to walk. Nita was then put in prison for the rest of her life.

Nita is later seen by Tris to be covered mostly in plaster, with one hand handcuffed, while Tris was asking Nita about the way into the Weapons Lab that would activate the back-up security measure, or the death serum. At the end of Allegiant, she is seen by Tobias in a wheelchair by the stone sculpture at the entrance.

Physical Description[]

After Tris and Tobias had found out about their genes, Tris noticed that Nita was "tall but not too tall, thin but not too thin, and had warm brown skin with dark brown or black hair". Tris also stated that Nita was pretty.