"Marlene is one of Tris' best friends and that they are close friends, like Tris and Christina are."
Veronica Roth

Marlene was a Dauntless-born initiate. She befriends Tris Prior in Divergent but plays a more important role in Insurgent. She gets a muffin shot off her head in Divergent, the book.



Tris first encounters Marlene when they end up in the same team for capture the flag under Four. When she turns on a flashlight, Uriah Pedrad teases her about being afraid of the dark, but turns the flashlight off anyway. On their way back to the compound, she commends and compliments Tris on her decision to climb the Ferris wheel to find the other team, saying it was 'Erudite-smart'. Later in the book, she allows Uriah to shoot a muffin off her head in a dare. She picks the muffin off the floor and eats it, amusing Uriah and Tris. She has been good friends with Lynn ever since they were young, which is why they are often seen together. When Tris arrives at the fear landscape testing, she witnesses Marlene undergoing her fear landscape. Marlene ranks 4th in Dauntless initiation.

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After Erudite's attack on the Dauntless, she was seemed to develop a strong relationship with Uriah. For a while, they stayed at the Candor headquarters and later moved back to the Dauntless compound. At one point, Lynn snaps at Uriah and her, telling them to just come out with their obvious relationship, which she responds with by kissing Uriah. Shortly after the loyal Dauntless regroup to appoint new leaders, Marlene nominates Tris for one of the leaders. Tris later turns down the position.


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The Dauntless traitors and Erudite had attacked the loyal Dauntless while they were still staying with Candor. They injected a long-lasting transmitter into their arms that allowed them to be under a simulation whenever the Erudite wished. On the first night of their return to the Dauntless compound, she was among the first three who were put under the simulation. She, along with Hector and a young girl, named Kee, were brought up involuntarily to the roof to deliver a message, that if they do not hand over two Divergent, more people under a simulation would die like she would every two days. With that, she walked off the roof; Tris and Christina were only able to save Hector and Kee. Tris wished she could have saved her, but knew Lynn would be broken without Hector.



Marlene is the friend of his older sister Lynn.

Uriah PedradEdit

It is hinted in Divergent that Uriah, Marlene, and Lynn knew each other growing up, as they were all Dauntless-born. When they are undergoing the initiation to remain in Dauntless, the pair engage in light banter and encourage one another to do silly challenges, such as shooting a muffin off Marlene's head without her flinching. Uriah and Marlene starred dating in Insurgent, shortly before her death. Tris saw them kissing during dinner in the Dauntless headquarters, after Lynn snapped on them. Overall, it is shown that Uriah and her had a very close bond.


Marlene was close friends with Lynn even while they were kids in Dauntless. When they were initiates, they could often be seen together. Lynn was devastated after Marlene's death, but forgave Tris and understood her actions. When Lynn was dying, she confessed to Uriah she had loved Marlene, even though it was known that Marlene couldn't love her back because she was dating Uriah.

Tris PriorEdit

In Divergent, Marlene met Tris during the Dauntless initiation. The pair get to know each other through mutual friend Uriah, who invites the pair and Lynn to unwind with fun activities like shooting a muffin off Marlene's head, and playing card games.

During Insurgent, Tris reunites with Marlene and the other loyal Dauntless members at the Candor headquarters. Unlike some of the other Dauntless, Marlene continues to be friendly with Tris when the latter's Divergence is revealed; at times Marlene compares it to a special trait or super power, which Tris claims it isn't.

Marlene and Tris weren't as close as she was with Lynn, but they were still friends.

Personality Edit

Marlene is described to have a 'childish joy' about her. She's easy going and has a good sense of humor. It is also described by Tris that Marlene has a "flirtatious smile". Tris noted a change in Marlene's demeanor as a result of the simulation in Divergent: she remarks that she used to walk with a 'skip in her step' and that her stride had grown more elegant and grown-up, which leads Tris to wonder what she'd done during the simulation that had caused her to lose her 'innocence'.

Film PortrayalEdit

Marlene was portrayed by British model and actress Suki Waterhouse in Insurgent (2015).


  • Marlene and Tris' friendship storyline was not featured in the Divergent movie or sequels

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