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Matthew worked for the Bureau of Genetic Welfare and was one of Tris's friends who helped her stop the Bureau from using the Memory Serum on their experiments.


Although Matthew is a GP, he disapproves of the Bureau's views of the GD. When Tris told Matthew that Nita had told her about a plan, he told Tris that had helped Nita but stopped when he found out she was stealing the Death Serum. Matthew helped Tris stop David from using the Memory Serum on the experiments. Matthew, Cara, and Caleb worked on a stronger version of Truth Serum that would work on the Divergent, but with no success at all.

It is revealed that Matthew had dated a girl who was a GD and had changed him to the man he is today.

  • In the film Matthews last name initial is seen to be "B"


Two years later, Matthew zip-lined off Hancock Building with Tris's friends. He went after Christina, who called him Wetpants. He is shown to have begun working in psychiatric research. 

In We Can Be Mended, he is engaged to Cara.

Physical Description[]

Tris described Matthew as being as tall as Caleb, his black hair artfully tousled into looking like he just woke up from bed, and about as old as Tobias. Matthew always wears a dark green string around his neck. He wears a blue uniform due to the fact that he is a GP.