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Natalie Prior (née Wright) was the loving mother of Tris and Caleb Prior, and the wife of Andrew Prior. She was born in Milwaukee. After she was relocated to the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, she volunteered to go to Chicago. Natalie Prior was originally a member of Dauntless before she transferred to Abnegation. Natalie was shot to death by the Dauntless soldiers under simulation in Divergent after she rescued her daughter, Tris.


Early life[]


Natalie Prior

Natalie Wright was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as a failed experiment by the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. She witnessed her mother killing her father at a young age and ran out to the fringe. She later witnessed a man attacking a younger boy and killing the man to protect the younger one. The Bureau soon arrived at the fringe and relocated her to the Bureau, where she was revealed to have almost perfect genes, considered genetically pure. When the Erudite started killing the Divergent within Chicago, the Bureau wanted to take action to stop it. Natalie volunteered to go in and do this task. At the time, she was sixteen, but the Bureau claimed she was fifteen so she could adjust to life. They put her into Dauntless, since she already had tattoos, and reset the memories of some of the members so no one would ask questions. She was supposed to transfer to Erudite the following year to stop the killing of Divergents. However, during her year in Dauntless, she began tutoring Andrew Prior, an Erudite-born, and they fell in love. They both shared the disdain for Erudite practices and decided to transfer to Abnegation with Andrew instead. She still planned to carry out the original Bureau mission. She and Andrew married soon after and had two children: Beatrice and Caleb.

Later life[]

Soon Andrew became a government official. When Beatrice was about to take the aptitude test, she told her that she was terrified to take it too. She meets Tris during Visiting Day and tells her to be careful about her Divergence

Erudite Genocide of Abnegation[]

When Jeanine Matthews teams up with Max, and they create a Dauntless drone army, Tris is taken and about to be executed. Natalie comes and saves her daughter at the last moment. They escape through the basement of Abnegation's Headquarters. While hiding in an alley a few blocks away from Abnegation HQ Natalie notices that there is a team of mind-controlled Dauntless coming toward them. She tells Tris where her brother, Caleb Prior, and the Abnegation survivors are hiding. She tells Tris to run. She then runs into the street and fires her gun into the air to get the attention of the Dauntless troops.


Natalie died a brave death; her loving sacrifice gives Tris the courage to do the same. Her death was multiple gunshots to her abdomen. And when Tris was dying, she appears in Tris's mind to guide her peacefully as she draws her last breath to join her mother.


Tris Prior[]

Natalie loves her daughter and is more understanding of her desires for freedom and change. Natalie was noticeably proud when Tris transferred to Dauntless and came on Visiting Day while Andrew did not. During the attack on Abnegation, Natalie calmly sacrificed her life to protect Tris and showed Tris what a "true sacrifice" was.

Andrew Prior[]

After being placed on the test in Chicago, Natalie begins tutoring Andrew, an Erudite boy. The two falls in love and instead of choosing to transfer to Erudite as instructed by the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, Natalie and Andrew agree to transfer to Abnegation, where they later get married and have two children: Beatrice Prior and Caleb Prior.

Caleb Prior[]

Natalie doesn't believe in the faction system and still cares for her son even after he transfers from Abnegation to its nemesis, Erudite.