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Nicole is a pretty red-headed girl Tobias Eaton's age with braided hair. Zeke Pedrad started dating another girl named Maria who asked if her friend Nicole could date Zeke Pedrad's friend Tobias Eaton.

When the date came, it immateriality become boring. Tobias Eaton told her that she wasn't his type. Nicole said the same thing to him. After they talked a little, she runned on the train and leaved, telling Tobias to tell Maria she had to go. She appears in Four: The Divergent Collection.

Age 16 (Four: A Divergent Collection)
Born Dauntless
Faction Dauntless
Gender Female
Height Tall
Hair Red
Allies Maria
Ezekiel Pedrad
Tobias Eaton
Fate Alive
Appearances Four: A Divergent Collection