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The Sears Tower (known as The Hub in the book) plays a key role in the opening of Divergent, though it is not mentioned often after the Choosing Day ceremony.


Modern History[]

Divergent Trilogy[]


In Divergent, the Sears Tower, referred to as the Hub in the book, serves as a meeting place for Choosing Day. It is

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The Sears Tower in current times.

unknown if it serves as a center for the government of Chicago as well. The room used for the ceremony is on the twentieth floor of the building, and the elevators and staircases are stated to still be functional when needed. Tris mentions that their society calls it the Hub, but older residents still refer to it as the Sears Tower.


Tris mentions being able to see the lights from the Hub when they are entering the city to confront Erudite with Marcus and the other supporters who are trying to defend the Erudite knowledge.