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Shauna is Lynn and Hector's sister, and was in Four's initiate class.



Shauna first meets Tris Prior when a group of Dauntless go zip lining off the Hancock Building. She mentions that Four talks about Tris and recognizes her as "the Stiff". This leads her to explain to Tris that she was Four's fellow initiate who helped her with fighting after others were asleep. She is also among the group of Dauntless that catch Tris after zip lining and says how they "can't call her 'Stiff' anymore".


Shauna is first mentioned in Chapter Fourteen, when they negotiate peace, the topic of Divergence arises. Shauna forcefully declares her opinion on Divergents by saying that they have loyalty problems since they are not allied to one faction and she cannot trust them as a result. Shauna, along with Tris, Tobias and Lynn, listen in on Jack Kang's meeting with Max. After Lynn provokes an attack by shooting Max, who was representing Jeanine Matthews, Shauna is shot in the back, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down, and becomes a wheelchair user. However, at the end of Allegiant and in We Can Be Mended, she can walk on a set of automated leg supports and spinal implants.


Ezekiel Pedrad, in Allegiant, was supposedly chosen by the Allegiant to go out of the fence, exchanged by his brother, Uriah, because he decided not to leave Shauna. Shauna stays alive until the end of the story and is able to walk without her wheelchair after Caleb makes her metal prosthetic legs.


After becoming paralyzed from the waist down, Shauna becomes a wheelchair user, however she puts on a brave face even though it probably means that she cannot be a member of Dauntless. It is said that Shauna's dislike of Divergents comes from her mother. Lynn also tells Tris all of the things that their mother said about the Divergents. In Four: A Divergent Collection, Shauna was noted for her ferocity when she, Four, and Ezekiel "Zeke" confronted Peter on whether he was innocent or not in the attack on Tris Prior.


Lynn and Hector[]

Lynn and Hector are Shauna's siblings, as well as her only family. The three are shown to be close and care for one another very much. Like typical siblings, the three tend to annoy each other often.

Ezekiel Pedrad[]

Zeke is Shauna's boyfriend. The two have known each other for quite a long time, as they had grown up together as Dauntless-born. They develop a relationship during initiation. In We Can Be Mended, they are attempting to have a baby, implying that they are married.

Tobias Eaton[]

Tobias is one of Shauna's best friends. They met during initiation and have been close since then. Tobias was said to have helped Shauna after hours with her fighting technique. Their relationship becomes strained after Tobias is revealed to be Divergent, however, it is mended after the end of the factions.