The simulation serum  is a drug used to induce simulations. It was designed by Jeanine Matthews and was used in aptitude test. The Dauntless use a variation in the second stage of Dauntless initiation.

Use in Aptitude TestsEdit

In the Aptitude Tests, simulations are used to determine a child's predominant characteristics. The results are an indicator of which faction the child should choose. Test results of the Divergent are inconclusive.


The Simulation Serum is usually administered orally in liquid form for the Aptitude Tests, however, it can be injected in a vaccine-like manner if need be.

The SimulationEdit

One version of the simulation is to choose between a knife and a piece of cheese. The Dauntless choose the knife, while the Amity choose the cheese. However, it is also possible to refuse both, as in a persons case, after which she submitted to the dog that occurred with an Erudite response. A child appeared, and the dog ran at her. Tris threw herself at the dog - a Dauntless and Abnegation response.

There are other scenarios in the simulation too, like cats clawing your eyes out-or something like that.

Use in Dauntless InitiationEdit

The Simulation Serum is used in the emotional stage of the Dauntless initiation.It was also used for the fear landscape test.


The initiates are given a serum shot containing a transmitter that sends the data to a computer and connects the mind to the simulation.

The SimulationEdit

The initiates are put under a simulation of their worst fears until they slow their heart rate and breathing, or do something that defies the fea
Serum Divergent

Beatrice (Tris) Prior has the serum before her final initiation test (divergent)

r. That is why the test is called "your fear landscape". Most initiates have 10-15 fears. Tris Prior had only 6 fears, which is why she was identified as Divergent[citation needed]. Tobias (Four) had 4 fears, and was given his nickname because of this. He was also Divergent and helped Tris to hide it so she wasn't targeted.