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"The Chasm reminds us that there's a fine line between bravery and idiocy. A daredevil jump off this ledge will end your life."

Four on the chasm

The Chasm is a ravine filled with rapidly running water and sharp rocks. It is located on the right side of The Pit in Dauntless headquarters. The floor is several stories above the chasm and has an iron barrier blocking the edge. Several people have been killed by a jump over the barrier and into the chasm, including Albert. As dangerous as it is, The Chasm is magnificent. When the people in Dauntless get too old, some choose to dive into The Chasm instead of joining the Factionless.


During the beginning of Dauntless Initiation, Christina is fighting Molly Atwood and when she tries to surrender, Eric takes her to the chasm and forces her hang on the railing for five minutes or become Factionless  After slipping a few times and coming close to falling and death, she finally succeeds and she is helped off the railing by Al and Tris Prior

After Peter Hayes, Al and Drew try to kill Tris for being number one in initiation, Tris threatens Al to stay away, thus making Al commit suicide by throwing himself over the barrier and into the chasm later in the book. The Chasm is also where Tobias Eaton and Tris kissed for the first time after they went through Tobias's fear landscape and where they had a short conversation when he was dared to get drunk above the Chasm. This is also where Tris was taken to after being attacked by Peter, Al, and Drew. This is also were they had the funeral for Al.  

Amar's Grandparents also committed suicide by throwing themselves over the railing. His Grandfather had cancer, and his Grandmother did not want to go on without him.


In the book 'Four' we learned that Tobias's friend Shauna, knew how to get down there without dying because her mom worked in 'Chasm maintenance'. Tobias went down there on numerous occasions.


Uriah Pedrad's ashes were scattered in the chasm two and a half years after he had died. He lived the vast majority of his life in the Dauntless compound with his brother Zeke and his parents.