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The Divergent Companion

This is the companion that goes to the Divergent Series that was written by Lois H. Gresh.

Whats In this Book[]

Factions and Free Will[]

Neuroscience and Genetics of the factions[]

The Divergent and Mirror Neurons[]

Factions and The Factionless[]

Authorisation Rules and Prejudice[]

Pain in the neck simulations and serums[]

Inducing fear and erasing memories[]

Gadgets and Gizmos[]

What Is Utopia[]




in the Divergent Trilogy, the city of Chicago is segregated into five Factions:

At the age of sixteen, each citizen must pledge their allegiance to a faction. But if they choose to leave their factions, they can never return.

When Beatrice Prior leave Abnegation for Dauntless everyone is shocked by her choice. But Tris is hiding a dark secret, she is Divergent and if discovered is a death sentence. But as the carefully constructed factions of Chicago begin to crumble, divergence is the one thing that could save her.

Enter the world of Divergent and discover dark secrets, fanatical villains and romance. Packed with exclusive facts, insights and quizzes, this is a must have series guide.

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