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Here is the soundtrack and score of the film The Divergent Series: Insurgent, so please be wary of any spoilers you might see in the music videos from the artists listed below in the soundtrack listing and also note that there will be more to be added to this page as it comes closure to the release date. So please wait while the information is being added.


The Divergent Series: Insurgent Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the official soundtrack for the film Insurgent. The album will be released on March 17, 2015, and features songs by M83 and Woodkid. The score is composed by Joseph Trapenese.

Track listing[]

  1. Holes In The Sky - M83 & HAIM
  2. Blood Hands - Royal Blood
  3. Never Let You Down - Wooded ft Lykke Li
  4. The Heart Of You - Anna Clavi
  5. Sacrifice - Zella Day
  6. Carry Me Home - SOHN
  7. Warriors” – Imagine Dragons
  8. “Convergence” – Composed and Conducted by Joseph Trapanese



Music Videos[]


The score of the film was released alongside the Soundtrack with Various Artists. The score is composed by Joseph Trapenese.


Track listing[]

  1. We Found It
  2. Amity
  3. Dauntless Arrive
  4. Escaping Amity
  5. Train Attack
  6. Progeny
  7. Candor
  8. Truth Serum
  9. Test Subject
  10. Raiding Candor
  11. Dauntless Havoc
  12. Surrender The Traitor
  13. You're Worth It
  14. Tris Meets The Box
  15. Dauntless
  16. Erudite
  17. Final Sim
  18. You're Real
  19. I'm the Real You
  20. The Message