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The Pit is a place at the heart of the Dauntless compound consisting of a deep pit with a glass roof. It is a large underground cavern with places for random activities, such as tattoo parlors, built into the walls. To connect these places, the Pit has narrow steps and walkways. There are no railings or barriers on these walkways. Blue lanterns hang from various points along the paths. On the far right side of the Pit is the Chasm.

One of the ways to enter the pit is to jump off a tall building into a hole that has a net at the bottom. It is referred to as "the back entrance".

Albert jumped off the Pit, into the Chasm, like other initiates, and killed himself. Although it is not definite, it is implied, since he was alone and Tris Prior, whom he loved, told him that if he ever stepped near her again, she would kill him and he became depressed since he got the lowest rank on every initiation stage. At least one person jumps to the Pit into the chasm.