Divergent Wiki

The World[]

Divergent takes place in a torn worldcorrupt governments, science ruling all, genetic splicing causing people to go crazy and more. It started when some brilliant scientist decided to improve people's genes through genetic splicing: make them smarter, more honest, braver, more peaceful, and selfless. But the experiment went horribly wrong. Those who had been made smarter, braver, or more honest became cruel. those who became peaceful became removed, distant, inattentive. And those who became more selfless became so selfless it was unhealthy. This caused scientists to start an experiment to correct the genes.

Inside the Fence[]

Inside the fence is where Edith Prior's experiment is. The experiment started out as a bunch of people living together. When the factions were introduced, it made a huge difference. Order reigned. And then came the Divergent. The Divergent were the people whose genes had been corrected.

The Serums[]

Every faction has a serum. The Amity has peace serum, the Dauntless, fear serum, the Erudite, paralytic and mind control serum, the Candor has  truth serum, and the Abnegation has the memory serum.

Outside the Fence[]

Outside the fence, chaos reigned. The people were almost all genetically damaged.

The Experiments[]

There are several experiments, mostly all have failed.

The Control Room[]

This is the room that has the computers. See Control Room for more details.