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more or less what I look like. art by Azaleas Dolls games

Who am I?

A random girl who loves fiction, especially dystopia and fantasy, so she eventually ended up here, in spite of not being that good at social media and technology in general.

What am I?

An Amity with a Candor and Abnegation aptitude too. Although, I think wise and brave could describe me too, but I'm not in it as strongly as the former three, especially considering the way factions work. I am far from being flawless though, but I don't feel my flaws are rudeness, dishonesty, selfishness, ignorance or cowardice. Now if there were factions called Dilligent, Assertive, Responsible, Collected, then I would know where I don't belong :S

Where am I?

(looks around) It's red and yellow, likeable but not quite healthy, my looks don't fit in...Either the Amity faction or McDonald's.

How am I?

Genuinely happy for no good reason. At all times. I see how that is annoying

If you'd like, join Chicago-Divergent Discord server: https://discord.gg/BpNDvhH6vb

my motto is...


(thanks to @Rosemiya for idea)

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Alright, so, if you have this badge, that means we're friends! Yay! We probably met on a wiki. Duh. Sorry I think I was delirious when I coded this. Anyway, we have fandoms in common. What else do I put on here?

We both love to read (probably) and talk in Discussions!

Thanks for putting up with me! Love y'all! <33

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You're an amazingly awesome person and don't you ever forget it, this badge is proof, because my friends are always amazingly awesome!

We've probably met on a wiki of course, because duh, and we probably like the same things and get along well because that's normally how the Friend phenomenon works.

And, um, yeah, sorry, I'm being dumb and I don't know what else to put here, so have a day as great as you are, which means 10000% fabulous!

Beware the ducks.

Credit to User:Solangelo-potato for the base of this badge!

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Jules' Friend

Hello! You are named and labeled Jules' Friend. Thanks for being there for her when she most needs to talk about books. Especially having debates and conversations about how the Allegiant ending, is like the worst possible ending, and have gotten me through the days of boredom. Thanks so much! I love talking to you, and you are a special person. When I need to talk to someone or cheer up, you are always there. Have a wonderful day!

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