• I live in in neverland❀
  • My occupation is fangirling.
  • I am currently crying over big hero six.
I'm Paris or mostly known as, Perfectdisasters!
I am an admin on the following wikis: 
 A.N.T Farm
 Alexander and the Terrible Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
 Lab Rats
 Ur Gold
 The Fallen Angels
 Disney Channel's Folive
I also like going on the Pretty Little Liars, Shadowhunters,
Divergent and Mighty Med Wikis. :)
If you need anything just message me!

My name's Paris. I'm just a girl who's living life. ^-^

I'm in love with the series / ship the following:

  • Percy Jackson & The Olympians / Heroes of Olympus - Percabeth OTP, Jiper, Leyna
  • Mortal Instruments - Clace OTP, Sizzy, Malec
  • Divergent - Fourtris OTP
  • Infernal Devices - Wessa OTP

My favorite characters are: TrisFour & Christina :)

Fourswoon This user ships Four and Tris!

I began reading Percy Jackson. Those books were awe-struck! I found the humor very funny and I loved learning Greek Mythology. Soon, I found myself reading Mortal Instruments. I loved it so much! Everything was so break-taking! And now, I read Divergent. And believe me, this series was more amazing than I thought it would be!

In all honesty, when I was younger, I was a slow reader. It probably took me about a week to finish one book of the Percy Jackson series. But surprisingly, my reading pace sped up when I began reading the Mortal Instruments. I finished the whole series (except for the sixth) in about 4 to 5 days. Yea, I've got a problem. After reading these, I took interest in Divergent. It was not what I expected. It was way better. I mean, the whole plotline, the characters features. What I love the most about these series is that they're nothing alike. I mean, they have a huge difference between the storylines, which I rather much enjoy...a lot. Aha, not reading a single book in a week kinda kills me inside.
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