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We Can Be Mended is a short story written by Veronica Roth that takes place five years after the events of Allegiant. It was first available for those who've pre-ordered or purchased Roth's forthcoming novel, Carve The Mark. Since then, it has been released as bonus content in the 10th Anniversary Edition of Four: A Divergent Collection.

This epilogue focuses on Tobias's life after the unexpected death of Tris and how this world is doing after the disbanding of the factions. We find out what the characters have been up to in the past 5 years when they have a reunion.

It features him and Christina starting a relationship.


  • The only way to read the short story was to pre-order Carve the Mark and send a snapshot of your receipt or buy a copy of the novel on release day.
    • We Can Be Mended is now available on Amazon for purchase and the Kindle version is the only format.
  • Veronica Roth wrote this story for herself after thinking she was done with the series and decided to share it with fans. However in a Q&A, she has said, "People don't have to think of it as canon, if they don't want." (This is mainly in response to hateful comments aimed at the relationship between Tobias and Christina).