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Zoe is a member of the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. She gives Tris Prior, Tobias Eaton, and Cara the tour of the Bureau in Allegiant. Cara remarks that she is annoyed by Zoe since she acts "like things are obvious, which they are not."

She also tells them what some things are. Like the airplane, they didn't know what it was and what the United States of America was, as well as things that are common in our world today but that the members of the factions and the factionless were unaware of.

Appearance []

  • Freckles. Tris recognizes a young Zoe in a photograph with her mother, by her freckles.
  • Zoe also has "hair so dark it is almost black".


  • Zoe was good friends with Tris's mother whilst they both lived in the Bureau
  • Zoe has a lot of information about Tris's parents' past and shares it with her.
  • Zoe is an ally of Amar, as they are both seen approaching Tris, Cara, Christina, Uriah, and Tobias together in a truck.